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MIRACLE is a two-year research project by University of Turku, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, University of Tampere, and University of Helsinki. There are a number of project partners from public organizations as well as private enterprises. MIRACLE is based on research done in the Futuristic History project during 2013 & 2014.

Museums and other culture-related attractions are competing fiercely about people’s time with everything else, so they must offer appealing and individual experiences to draw people’s attention. Mixed reality is one possible means of doing that, but the cost of building good applications is often too high. The MIRACLE vision is to find cost-efficient ways to create attractive mixed reality applications for cultural travel and out-of-classroom learning, by multi-disciplinary teams and in co-operation with local businesses.

As a result, the tourist sites as well as other local businesses are expected to benefit from growing number of visitors. New businesses will emerge that can sell their expertise and products to tourist attractions worldwide. Learning experiences will be developed that are expected to be more efficient and enjoyable than traditional methods. Mixed reality also offers ways for handicapped visitors to access locations.

The project will be executed through demonstrator applications for a number of pilot cases.  As its final output, the project collects knowledge into a toolkit and a handbook that define the recipe for efficiently and economically developing attractive applications and running businesses around them. The toolkit contains elements for actually developing the applications, while the handbook is intended to help humanists, engineers and business professionals better understand each other’s needs and vocabulary.

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  • Olli I. Heimo, Kai K. Kimppa, Laura Yli-Seppälä, Lauri Viinikkala, Timo Korkalainen, Tuomas Mäkilä and Teijo LehtonenEthical Problems in Creating Historically Accurate Mixed Reality Make-beliefsCEPE/ETHICOMP 2017 - Values in Emerging Science and TechnologyJune 5-8 2017

  • Seppo Helle, Hannu Salmi, Markku Turunen, Charles Woodward, Teijo Lehtonen (Eds.)MIRACLE Handbook – Guidelines for Mixed Reality Applications for Culture and Learning ExperiencesUniversity of TurkuJuly 2017ISBN 978-951-29-6884-8

  • L. ViinikkalaDigital but Authentic? Defining Authenticity of Two Church Interiors Reconstructed with Mixed Reality TechnologyFinskt museum12/2016

  • L. ViinikkalaYhdistetty todellisuus ja menneisyyden esittäminen. Narratiivin ja historiallisen tiedon suhde Louhisaaren tarinat -sovelluksessaDigitaalinen historiantutkimus, Historia Mirabilis 1210/2016

  • O. I. Heimo, T. Mäkilä, T. Korkalainen, L. Viinikkala and T. LehtonenB2C Business Models for Museum and Cultural Travel Mixed Reality Solutions20th International Academic Mindtrek Conference in Tampere, Finland10/2016

  • L. Viinikkala, L. Yli-Seppälä, O. I. Heimo, S. Helle, L. Härkänen, S. Jokela, L. Järvenpää, T. Korkalainen, J. Latvala, J. Pääkylä, K. Seppälä, T. Mäkilä and T. LehtonenReforming the Reformation Representation. Mixed Reality narratives in communicating tangible and intangible heritageDIHA & NODEM Special Session at 22nd International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia VSMM 2016, Kuala Lumpur10/2016

  • K. Seppälä, O.I. Heimo, T. Korkalainen, J. Pääkylä, J. Latvala, S. Helle, L. Härkänen, S. Jokela, L. Järvenpää, F. Saukko, L. Viinikkala, T. Mäkilä and T. LehtonenExamining User Experience in an Augmented Reality Adventure Game: Case Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum12th IFIP TC9 Human Choice and Computers Conference7th-9th Sept 2016

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