Sustainable Shipbuilding Concepts
04.06.2020 – 31.12.2022
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Budget UTU: 691 617 €

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Sustainable Shipbuilding Concepts project focuses on creating sustainability based value in shipbuilding through designing more sustainable concepts for cruise ships and related systems in a way that the complete network can contribute into more sustainable business processes including material selection, design, manufacturing, social aspects and features. The goal is to generate new business processes that bring such sustainability benefits that can be quantified and which help actors to strengthen their foresight and adaptation abilities in the often-changing sustainability-framework. In addition, the goal is to stimulate the whole shipbuilding community’s understanding on how sustainable shipbuilding practices and effective communication of lean and sustainable solutions can increase the resilience and collaborativeness of the regional shipbuilding community.

The project focuses on research related supply network’s capabilities to utilize sustainability arguments for long-term strategic gains. Implementing collaborative foresight and early supplier integration practices promotes generation of new supplier-driven ideas for sustainability innovations. The participating companies have expressed the need to model and prove the environmental impacts of their products or systems for their communication. Development of new digital and virtual tools support more efficient business processes and illustration of sustainability benefits.

This project is a collaborative consortium project led by research organizations, University of Turku and VTT, including multiple parallel projects from industry stakeholders throughout the value chain. The publications from our previous project of the same research area, SUSTIS, can be found from this link.

Press release : (FIN) Uusista menetelmistä lisää vastuullisuutta laivanrakentamiseen

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Kestävyys ja vastuullisuus meriteollisuudessa – tuloksia SusCon-hankkeesta, 9.11.2022 (Ohjelma, PDF)


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  • Nyyssönen Taneli, Helle Seppo, Lehtonen Teijo, Smed JouniA Comparison of Gesture and Controller-based User Interfaces for 3D Design Reviews in Virtual RealityHawaii International Conference on System Sciences 202204 Jan 2022

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