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Agile and lean practices are widely and successfully utilized in the field of software engineering. Common insight is that they improve not only the efficiency of the work but also the well-being at work. The objective of the AgiES project is to apply agile and lean design practices to the designing of embedded ICT systems. The aim is to develop agile design practices to be suitable for designing embedded systems, including both hardware and software, in a way that advances both efficiency and well-being at work. The design practices will be utilized in the partner companies collaborating in the project and these practices will be inspected in collaboration with Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (Työterveyslaitos). The main deliverable of the project is a pragmatic handbook, which will provide guidelines for Finnish embedded product development companies, their customers and other stakeholders to understand and adopt agile and lean product development practices.


The two-year project is carried out in collaboration with Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, several industry partners which include:

In addition to industrial partners, the project has other partners including:

An international research partner of the project is Associate Professor Norio Tokumaru from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan.

AgiES Press release (in Finnish)


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