[:en]MIRACLE Handbook and Toolkit are two mHouse Casagrande applicationain deliverables of the MIRACLE project. The purpose of the Handbook is to summarize the knowledge collected in the MIRACLE research project, and deliver practical design guidelines for mixed reality applications, all in one compact document.

The Handbook discusses potential uses of mixed reality in museums and other cultural sites as well as the pedagogical aspects involved in mixed reality applications. Potential advantages, and also challenges, of using different hardware and software platforms are explained. The Handbook lists what kind of skills and resources are required in the making of applications, giving special attention to multidisciplinary cooperation. Financial issues and the significance of social media are handled too.

SelfieWall and Kullervo painting at Ateneum, Helsinki.All pilot applications implemented in the MIRACLE project are introduced and lessons learned through them are described. A summary chapter crystallizes the main findings of the project into compact checklists and guidelines.

The MIRACLE Toolkit is a collection of software applications and components for mixed reality production. The Handbook describes and provides links to the parts of the Toolkit. All these tools have been tested in the MIRACLE project; some are written in the project and published as open source software. Everything chosen in the Toolkit are low budget, free or open source tools suitable for production by multidisciplinary teams with limited resources.

The Handbook is published and freely available in the Doria library of the University of Turku: http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-29-6884-8

The software components developed in the project by University of Turku have been published as open source in http://ar.utu.fi/open-source/. These components are licensed under the MIT license.

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