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MARIN is a two-year research project aiming at productivity enhancement in marine industry by applying augmented reality technology. The main goal is to demonstrate the use of a mobile tool consisting of augmented reality glasses, low power vision chip and a mobile phone. The equipment enables the user to view virtual objects within a real environment. The 3D CAD data of a ship’s parts can be visualized right in the construction site, which is expected to cut construction time and improve quality. The project is funded by Tekes and implemented in co-operation with several industry partners, most of which are involved in marine and ICT industries.

Reaching the project goals requires solving several design and engineering problems, including system and software architectures, coarse and fine positioning, user interface design and mechanical construction of the prototypes.

There is growing interest towards augmented reality solutions in markets and industry. Successful completion of the MARIN project is expected to offer new solutions and help creating startup enterprises.

Research & industry partners

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