Guidelines for Small Embedded System Companies Aiming to Enter the Space Industry summarizes useful information about the European Space Agency (ESA), the European space industry, the ECSS standards, product assurance and agile methods. Written by the research group of the AgiSpacES project, the guide is targeted especially for small companies having expertise on a specific domain of technology which could be exploited in space applications but do not have previous experience on participating in space projects.

Since the European Space Agency plays a major role in European space industry, it is introduced along with its procurement and tendering practices. The ECSS standards, which are widely utilized in European space projects, are gone through covering their background, structure and utilization. It is also shown how they affect a typical mission project and product assurance. The importance of product assurance is emphasized in space projects compared to other projects. For companies already utilizing agile and lean methods, the applicability of these methods in space projects is discussed. For others interested in agile and lean methods a short introduction to agile methods is presented.

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