Tracking Types
Supported Platforms/Operating Systems
  • Name of the augmented reality solution or the product provider.
Latest Version:
  • Latest released version number
Latest Version Released:
  • Release date of the latest version
Tracking Types:
  • Reported supported tracking types, e.g. marker and SLAM
  • Reported supported operating systems, e.g. Windows and iOS
  • Is the solution open or proprietary
  • Library - A collection of code that aids in creating AR applications
  • SDK - A library with included tools and/or examples
  • Plugin - Includes a plugin for use with another framework
  • Editor - A graphical editor that can be used to create AR applications
  • Content Management System - A system which allows for simple AR content management
  • AR Browser/App - An application that is used for viewing AR content
  • AR Software House - The company creates tailored AR applications as per request
  • AR Research - Relates to AR research
  • Available - Available for download, recently updated and still supported
  • Inactive - Available for download, but current status is unknown and support can't be guaranteed
  • Not Available - Not available for downloadand/or discontinued
Data Updated:
  • Time elapsed since the information in the field was last updated
NameLatest VersionLatest Version ReleasedTracking TypesOS / PlatformLicenseTagsStatusData Updated