The Mixed Reality group at the University of Turku researches various aspects of augmented and virtual reality. Mobile applications and gamified services are developed in close cooperation with companies and organizations. The group consists of highly talented people with both academic and industry backgrounds.

Research Projects

SusFlow SusFlow

The SusFlow project applies a multidisciplinary approach for shared solutions within a network of enterprises representing a multitude of competence areas with an LCA-driven focus.

SusCon SusCon

Sustainable Shipbuilding Concepts project creating sustainability based value in shipbuilding and related systems.

PARAS-hanke PARAS-hanke

PARAS-hanke (Playful Activity Remotely And Socially) pyrkii kehittämään terveyttä, oppimista ja sosiaalista hyvinvointia pelillistämisen ja alustatalouden mekanismeja hyödyntäen.

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