Thursday, June 11

8.30 Morning Coffee & Registration Lounge
9.10 Keynote Session Pharma 1
10.00 Workshop Session 1 Pharma 1
  • A. Besz, M. Górnicki, M. Luimula and J. Smed: Wow Guidance – Mobile Augmented Reality Game for Tourism and Entertainment
  • K. Rainio, P. Honkamaa and K. Spilling: Presenting Historical Photos using Augmented Reality
10.40 Break Lounge
11.00 Workshop Session 2 Pharma 1
  • T. Korkalainen, L. Viinikkala, S. Helle, J. Pääkylä, S. Jokela, F. Saukko, T. Mäkilä, O. Heimo and T. Lehtonen: Louhisaari Stories – Augmented Reality Cinema in a Historical Setting
  • M. Kylliäinen, J. Jäppinen, H. Niemi and M. Lindqvist: Presentation of acoustics of vanished concert halls in an exhibition on music history of Helsinki
  • L. Sakari, M. Forsman, M. Isomäki, V. Keskitalo, S. Suomi and T. Tapaninaho: Experience Report on Immersive Augmented Reality
12.00 Lunch Lounge
13.00 Workshop Session 3 Pharma 2,3,5
Group discussion: Unsolved challenges and unredeemed opportunities of AR, Technical program commitee and workshop participants
14.00 Workshop Summary Pharma 1
14.30 Break
15.00 Coffee & Luostarinmäki Adventure demonstration
At the Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum
18.00 Holy Ghost Church demonstration
In the Holy Ghost Chapel
19.00 Conference Dinner
At the restaurant Svenska Klubben


Friday, June 12

8.30 Morning Coffee & Registration Lounge
9.10 Keynote Session 1 Pharma 1
10.50 Break & Coffee Pharma 2 Expo
11.20 Talks Session 1 Pharma 1 Pharma 2
  • E. Jouslehto, Robust North: Augmented Bird Poop and Other Stories About Innovative Movie Marketing – Case Lovemilla
  • T. Jalamo, Taiste: The Night of the Arts 2014 Living Art Map
12.00 Lunch Lounge
13.00 Talks Session 2 Pharma 1
  • Robust North
  • K. Spilling, M. Hakkarainen, C. Woodward, VTT: Citizens Evaluating Building Plans by Mobile Augmented Reality
  • U. Clerc, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova: Historical Model Square in Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova
14.00 Coffee & Expo Pharma 2
15.30 Keynote Session 2 Pharma 1
  • Keynote: Janne Kalhama
  • Announcement of ARea16 Conference
  • Closing Words: Conference Chair Teijo Lehtonen

Program subject to changes.