Degree Programs

The Software Engineering Laboratory staff is responsible of the following study tracks in the Department of Computing at the University of Turku:

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The personnel of the Software Engineering Laboratory teaches various courses focusing on programming, interaction design, software technologies and software development. We utilize real-life tools and software platforms in our teaching together with the latest digital educational technology.

Our courses include but are not limited to:

Software Engineering Core / Thematic Module (20 ECTS)

Advanced Module in Software Engineering (10 ECTS)

Elective Studies in Software Engineering

Common Studies in Information and Communication Technology

Interaction Design Core / Thematic Module (20 ECTS)

Game Development / Thematic Module (20 ECTS)

In collaboration with the Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Advanced Module in Interaction Design (20 ECTS)

Bachelor Level Courses

* In collaboration with the other laboratories in the department

Thesis Supervision

The staff of the Software Engineering Laboratory supervises tens of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses per year. Master’s Theses in Information and Communication Technology can be found from UTUPub database.

To start the master’s thesis or to find a master’s thesis worker in the software engineering contact asst.prof. Tuomas Mäkilä, prof. Ville Leppänen or prof. Jaakko Järvi. Regarding the master’s theses in the interaction design, contact senior lecturer Jouni Smed.

Doctoral Dissertations

If you are interested in doctoral studies in software engineering or interaction design as a full-time doctoral researcher or a part-time doctoral student (e.g. alongside other job), contact prof. Ville Leppänen, senior lecturer Jouni Smed, prof. Jaakko Järvi or asst.prof. Tuomas Mäkilä.

Previous doctoral theses in software engineering and interaction design can be found from: