Communication Systems

We study the future internet with focus on three viewpoints: information security, interactive applications and embedded/distributed implementations. Communication systems are viewed as whole entities and the three viewpoints are all addressed in our research as we take on the challenges met in future networked multimedia and communication applications found in embedded systems. The cloud computing paradigm is bringing forth completely new challenges to the information security field both in terms of hand-held embedded communication systems and the distributed processing cloud. Currently our special interests are in self-aware approach for future communication and interdisciplinary applications including information security and dependability aspects.

Information security research in Communication Systems concentrates on researching information security technologies for networked systems and applications of the communication-intensive future from the engineering and human points of view. The strategic goal in our research is to apply research and technological development to building the secure information society. We consider the basic elements for human well-being as the most fundamental drivers for pursuing this strategic goal, in which the technology driven and human driven development directions meet. This is pursued with an interdisciplinary approach, where new innovations create active interaction between traditional scientific areas.

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