Research at SwEng group

The SwEng group’s research covers a multitude of themes within software engineering, and beyond. Active research areas include:

  • Mixed Reality (MR)
  • Software Security (e.g. diversification)
  • Gaming / Gamification
  • Education Research (process level, programming, quality aspects, new pedagogical forms, Africa collaboration)
  • Sustainability & Green ICT
  • Software Processes / Engineering (technical debt, privacy by design, agile, agile secure, testing)
  • Programming languages (tooling, correctness, formalisms, HPC
  • User interface programming (with constraint systems)
  • Privacy
  • AI and Analytics in connection to SW
  • Databases / “Big Data”

Some keywords that characterize our research: 
digitalization, green / energy efficiency, industry, security, privacy, high-performance computing (HPC), AR, MR, VR
Our latest publications can be found here.