Software Engineering

The field of software engineering at the University of Turku, Department of Future Technologies encompasses research broadly in software and games development. Research in the former is conducted at TUCS Software Development Laboratory (SwDev) with specialization in cloud service architectures and business models, software business with special focus on start-ups, software development methodologies and processes, software ecosystems, software metrics, testing and security, software productization, software techniques, especially related to parallelism, software technology-enabled services and managing technology-service convergences.

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TUCS – Software Development Laboratory
Software Development Laboratory (SwDev)

Some projects


Turku Game Lab

Research in game development and gamification is conducted in Turku Game Lab and SwDev. Turku Game Lab is a joint project between Turku University of Applied Sciences and University of Turku, funded by the technology industry’s hundred’year history foundation.

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